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David Done Biography

David Done - Children's Book Author
David Done is married, a father of 3 children, and a grandfather of 7. His passions
include writing children's stories and screenplays, wood working, crafts, and oil
painting. He has also always loved animals and had pets growing up.

David always wondered and imagined what animals would be like if they could act
and talk just like you and me. Those thoughts inspired him to write children's adventure stories about animals that can act like humans. He writes adventure stories to help
children inspire their imagination and develop a love for reading books.

David recalls the following from his childhood that helped inspire him to write children's stories:

"Have you ever fondly remembered when you were young? The early morning summer days with a cool breeze blowing through the trees? School was out and it was time to play with your friends and really have fun!

I was the youngest in my family. All of my brothers and sisters were living their grown-up lives, which left me home alone sometimes. My parents both worked hard every day, so I was left to myself to create my own summer fun. With all of this time on my hands, I would make up my own adventures. Sometimes I would pretend that I was an explorer hunting for buried treasure. I would sometimes include our pets as if they could talk and act human. After each adventure, I wrote down the events of the day hoping that someday I could share these pretend adventure stories with my family and others. I thought that these stories could make great children's books or even good movies.

Due to the fact that my parents worked so hard and the economic times in which we lived were difficult, my parents had no time or money to take me on a real summer vacation. I would create my own vacation by riding my bike through a vacant field near our home, and pretend that I was on a vacation or adventure in a far off place. I would also put my stories into books bound with tape and glue, so as to assure that someday they would be published into children's books.

When I would go back to school after the summer was over, each student was asked to write what they did on their summer vacation. I had stories I could read, but I didn't read them because they were not real vacations. I would write my impression of how it would have been to go to Disneyland. I had seen TV shows about Disneyland, which I used as a reference.

All of these children book stories I wrote back then have been lost due to the fact that our family moved into several different houses as I grew up. Even though I now have my own family, my desire to write children's books as never waned. I have always kept that hunger to write real children's books. Because of this passion to write children story books, I finally took the opportunity to get them down on paper and get them published. I wanted to share my passion to help everyone enjoy reading even more, and maybe inspire those who want to write books themselves. If your dream is to write books, or whatever your dream may be, just go for it!
Project Updates
Dragon Cookies - Future Children's Book
David is working on a new children's book entitled "Dragon Cookies." This book is a mystery adventure about a courageous Dragon.